Lyon, France, 8–27 September 2015

The project “Passages“ examines the significance of location in the orientation of works of art. For the exhibition in Lyons, artists from Leipzig are invited to reflect upon the nature of a life spent in motion in their work. For all of the artists involved have come to Leipzig from other German towns or countries, or they have studied in France or won a scholarship that enabled them to spend a period of study there. A significant role is played by Leipzig as a place of creativity.

The title “Passages“ indicates a process of crossing boundaries, which takes place not only in a physical sense but also symbolically—in the work of art. Formal rules of painting, photography and sculpture are challenged, elements from various forms of media are appropriated and newly defined. In their work, many artists react to the place in which they find themselves at a certain moment in time, and this allows them to be led by new impulses later, in different locations.


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Row 1:
Thibault Brunet, Untitled, 2015
Menghzi Zheng, Pli/Dépli, 2015

Row 2:
Oliver Kossack, Bad Bad Bad Bank (Lyon Version), 2015
Tamami Iinuma, When Photography Becomes Print: MAP – BUREAUX 8209, 2015
Aurélie Pétrel, Partition: Fukushima #2, 2014

Row 3:
Margret Hoppe, from the series “Vanishing Images”, 2005–12, Gerhard Richter, Zest For Life, 1956, wall painting, 500×1500 cm in the Deutsche Hygiene-Museum, Dresden, 2005
Thibault Brunet, Typology of the Virtual, 2013
Laurent Proux, Zone poste de contrôle, 2014 & Sortie produit, 2014

Row 4:
Andreas Schulze, Untitled, 2015
Stefan Fischer, Group II, 2015